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Connecticut transplant for female to hang with

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Print with images and other media Print Only Dallas Texas lady are you free tonight only Print Cancel There is growing evidence faecal transplants could be causing some patients to take on the physical and mental traits of their donors, including body shape and even symptoms of depression, an expert in infectious diseases says.

What is a faecal transplant? Faecal matter, or stool, is collected from a donor The matter is mixed with a solution, strained, and placed in a patient by colonoscopy, endoscopy or enema The aim is to replace the recipient's "bad" Anzio horney girls bacteria with the donor's "good" bacteria The procedure is commonly used to treat complications from antibiotic therapy It is being used experimentally for conditions like IBS, MS, autism and Parkinson's Its use has been documented in 4th Century China Faecal transplants are becoming an increasingly popular treatment for conditions like chronic fatigue, Parkinson's, autism and irritable bowel Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Kodiak. More commonly, they are used to replace the gut bacteria of people who have Sex tonight in Easton Connecticut after prolonged use of antibiotics.

The treatment involves transplanting a donor's faeces into a patient's bowel to improve the balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria. Dr Charles said the treatment had been used in modern medicine since the s, but doctors are still learning about its effects.

There's more to poo than we know Dr Charles said the growing research was changing the way Women looking real sex Portage look at faecal matter.

What your poo can tell you "We know it's very complicated. Before, we've had a little bit of knowledge and we've been able to grow different bugs in poo samples, but now with DNA technology we're finding out there's a whole lot more in there that we didn't know about, and a lot of bacteria Newcastle girl sex don't actually grow in the laboratory so that we couldn't identify them before," Dr Charles said.

But he said faecal transplants are currently not a common treatment.