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Any Benedict girls looking for some funds

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Historians offer up many explanations, including that the Revolutionary War general may have had some self-esteem issues as and young man.

But now his name is synonymous with traitor. What could have led Arnold to ruin his legacy by betraying his fellow Americans during the Revolutionary War? Arnold was the victim of a smear campaign.

He took a personal dislike to Arnold and, inattempted to prosecute him on a series of treason charges ranging from buying illegal goods to preferring the company of British loyalists.

In the build-up of his case, Reed was known to spread rumors about Arnold without offering proof of his allegations. Arnold was also deeply in debt and newly married to an ambitious woman.

His wife, Peggy, was the daughter of a prominent Philadelphia family with loyalist leanings that had fared better under the British. Peggy was accustomed to a certain level of living and some historians believe that Peggy Woman wants nsa Russel Springs Kentucky Arnold to the British in order to maintain that lifestyle.

Becoming a traitor to his country could fetch him a handsome payment from the British. Letters suggest Arnold had character Fuck Tulsa Oklahoma tonight. But there were plenty of other reasons.

Eric D. Lehman, author of Homegrown Terror: Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London, notes that others at the Moorhead student lookin to fuck had similar circumstances and did not betray their country.

More recently, Lehman points out, the tendency has been to portray Arnold as a misunderstood heroic figure.

That should always be part of the story. If we leave that out, we simplify the story by omission.

The British, who had much to gain from Arnold switching sides, found him dishonorable and untrustworthy.